Primary HR Package – Basic need for Start- ups and SMEs

Are you

  • Start -up organisation?
  • Organisation with 5 – 100 employees?

Scope of our services

  • We design an appropriate Organisational Chart for you
  • We draw Job Descriptions for each of your employees
  • We provide draft of communication with your employees such as Appointment, Confirmation, Increment, Promotion, Disciplinary actions, etc.
  • We prepare HR Manual for you
  • We carry out your employees Performance Appraisal

Benefits for you

  • Better Manpower Planning
  • Well defined Reporting Structure
  • Communicate company Values & Expectation effectively
  • Compliance with Legislation & protection against employment claims
  • Appropriate and the best practices documentation
  • Transparency & Fair treatment to employees


  • Consistent, uniform and predictable decisions
  • Clarity on individual goals in the beginning of the year
  • Specific & Measurable Goal setting
  • Avoidance of Duplication
  • Easy to track the progress through periodic review
  • Improves employee morale